Florenti are the smallest of the eight sentient beings, they are essentially the size of atoms. Their are always thirteen Florenti in the world at any given time. Florenti are the heralds of seasons and creatures of pure C.A.R.Y. In fact, they could be considered sentient C.A.R.Y. The move in streams of C.A.R.Y in rocks, oceans and the general environment. A Florenti's presence can be identified by a magenta glow presence in the surrounding environment.

When the environment suddenly glows purple the Usalik and Puduje refer to this as the herald of change, indicating the end of a season. Florenti are the children of Laska. The were created by accident during the early years she spent developing her abilities. She infused experiments with infusing C.A.R.Y into thirteen stones of differing elements. The stones disintegrated, however, the condensed C.A.R.Y developed a conciousness.The integrated with the C.A.R.Y streams and died out, however, in it's place it passes on its memories to a newly formed concsiousness which dies as the season changes. The Florenti are always in a constant state of renewal.

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