Moimoi are one of the eight sentient beings of Zsymel, it is the remnant of Usalik souls stolen from Boz by the Vreakar. Moimoi communicates mostly through feelings and sensations as opposed to words and cares very little about the material aspects of the world.It is by its very nature immune to it.


As a creature produced from lost of life it is in turn attracted to that which still has it and hence spends its days absorbing and releasing the Maszara from its environment. Moimoi as a balancing mechanism in Zsymel, absorbing excess amounts of Maszara and releasing it into areas of low concentration.


Moimoi function as one being with several bodies sharing all emotions thought and feeling. When aspects of this being 'dies' it exhibits aspects of self-disdain and jealousy. The 'dead' Moimoi are scattered and reform into whole souls that can then be reincarnated by Boz.

Moimoi don't have a culture or a society. Why would it? It's one being. However, observers will notice that the way the being interacts and behaves with itself changes on a day to day basis. The only exception to this are the Neznavi

Moimoi will gather in concentrated bundles wherever groups of Vrch are present. Vrch have tremendously long lifespans which attract Moimoi. Moimoi does not like the Vrch not for any particular reason, Moimoi is indifferent to most things. However, Vrch are often happy creatures and happiness is full of raw mazsara, hence it stays.


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