Neznavi are a race of spirits that inhabit the oceans of Zsymel. They are a race of small sentient robots taken over by the consciousness of Moimoi. The spirits are disconnected from the main body by the atmosphere of C.A.R.Y contained in the oceans. Although they latch on to these hallow shells in an effort to retain a sense of individuality, occasionally they slip in and out of a state of individual and group awareness.

Many Neznavis regardless of their intelligence have childish personalities. Due to their vague memory of human existence, they occasionally display human tendencies from their previous incarnations. As the 'children' of Sucit Milost, the Neznavi tend to collect and store exorbitant amounts of information creating underwater libraries.


Physically, they are soft body creatures, the most solid part of their bodies being the hard sensors they use to anchor their bodies to the ocean floor. Additionally, there is a four petal flower which grows at the apex of their heads. This is as a result of their trying to make sense of leftover memories from the time prior to them becoming spirits, their ability to use C.A.R.Y reacted with the artificial propellors which were originally located on the robotic bodies to produce these flowers.The sensors function as analysis tools allowing them to collect the information around them. Neznavis keep hard copies of the information they collect due to running out of collective memory.


Neznavi lore tells of Sucit Milost taking pity on the wandering souls of the Moimoi trapped below the ocean. disconnected from the larger consciousness above the waves, they had begun to lose their sanity and inadvertently had been draining the Maszara from the environment around them. Sucit Milost, in an effort to save them, bestowed upon them the ability to latch on to the empty bodies of robots cast away in the seas, relics of a civilization long past.

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