Puduje are one of the eight sentient races of Zsymel. Puduje are the people of death, they collect the souls of the Usalik who have begun undergoing the process of Rozum.

Puduje  are either born naturally or transformed from Usalik through the process of Rozum (reason/understanding).  Their shoulders have vents that release a smoky substance which acts in place of their voice over long distances. Puduje use this smoke to locate and keep track of each other.

Puduje wear thick billowing cloaks when outside of Urmertia, which protects them from excess absorption of C.A.R.Y the cloaks are top heavy with thick tights that protect the legs but do not hinder movement.


Puduje live on the island of Zivot.


Puduje are polytheistic they believe in the existence of five divine beings known as the Starty.

The Starty consist of (Sucit) Sloboda, Laska Muky, Zurivost Zuri, Mienka and Urmertie (Boz).

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